Medical Marijuana in California

Medical Marijuana in California

Who may obtain medical marijuana in California?

The patient must possess a "written or oral recommendation" from their physician that he or she "would benefit from medical marijuana."  Patients diagnosed with any debilitating illness where the medical use of marijuana has been "deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician" are afforded legal protection under state law.

Approved Medical Conditions:

AIDS, anorexia, arthritis, cachexia, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraine, persistent muscle spasms, including spasms associated with multiple sclerosis, seizures, including seizures associated with epilepsy, severe nausea; Other chronic or persistent medical symptoms.

Important Contact Info and Links:

California Department of Public Health
Office of County Health Services
Attention: Medical Marijuana Program Unit
MS 5203
P.O. Box 997377
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377
Phone: 916-552-8600
Fax: 916-440-5591

CA Medical Marijuana Program
Ballot Proposition 215 (ProCon)

Senate Bill 420 (PDF)

Marijuana Posession & Cultivation in California:

Grow for yourself.  State law allows patients or caregivers to grow up to six mature plants (12 immature) or possess up to eight ounces of useable marijuana. BUT WAIT! Each city or local municipality has the right to allow patients to possess and cultivate EVEN larger amounts (with your doctor's approval).  When traveling outside of your home, we recommend carrying an ounce or less, to avoid unnecessary complications with law enforcement at this time.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in California:

(Growing: Cooperatives or Collectives).  Cooperatives and collectives, more commonly known as dispensaries, are quite common in most of the major cities.  Click here to find maps of medical marijuana collectivess in California.

How to obtain a California Registry ID card:

Patients may simply carry their doctor's recommendation.  However, your better defense, especially when traveling outside of the city your doctor resides, is to join the registry. You will still need a doctor's approval, but law enforcement throughout the state is familiar with the state card;  it provides verifiable proof to avoid arrest, so long as you follow the rules- we strongly recommend it!


$66 non Medi-Cal / $33 Medi-Cal, plus additional county fees (varies by location)

Fee your doctor charges for recommendation visit (typically $100-$150)